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Here are my five tips from tee to green for you to help get more success on the golf course.


Jude Read – PGA Professional.

Are you serious about being a better golfer?


He are what some of the golfers on the new Pathway Program are say after just a couple of weeks on the program!

Jude Read Golf lesson Review
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Fix that slice!


Frustrated with losing distance and not hitting fairways?
Watch as Jude shows you his tip for straighter drives.

Better fairway woods!


Frustrated with not getting consistent fairway woods?
Jude shows you his quick tip to help you get the fairway woods in the air with better distance.

Hit it close from 85 yards!

Frustrated with not hitting the green and converting bogeys in to pars?
Jude shows you how to hit it close from 85 yards.

Chip it close from just off the green!


Frustrated with taking 2 or 3 putts from so close to the green?
Jude explains this simple way of helping you convert your chips to hit it close enough for a one putt.

Hole more putts!


Frustrated with not holing more putts?
Jude shows you how to have a better set up with a simple swing thought to help you hole more putts.
Jude Read Golf lesson Review
Jude read golf process
Jude Read Golf lesson Review
Jude read golf get started button

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