Capto Putting Academy



When it comes to putting, precision is crucial, and measuring what happens during the swing requires very precise instruments. Capto is a revolutionary 3d analysis system for the putting, it is capable of capturing up to 400 frames per second and transmitting information to the software.

Capto’s software processes and analyzes data in an immediate way and allows the player to know more than 30 important parameters of his stroke. With Capto you can measure accurately and rigorously the face angle, club path, impact location, time, swing time, lie angle, static loft, dynamic loft, dynamic lie, shaft lean, forward press and many other parameters.

Capto is a system created by the Italian company Precision Golf, which has over 25 years of experience in the development of software for 3D analysis. All this experience was applied to golf, and the result was immediate success obtained immediately. In fact, Capto was immediately used by some of the best golf instructors, Golf Academys and tour players.

What everyone immediately liked about the Capto system, is the possibility of using both indoor and outdoor, and also the ability to move on the putting green and perform the shots exactly as you would in competition.

Improve your putting stroke with Jude


Putting Program

This putting program makes full use of the feedback from the Capto Putting System conbined with Jude’s expert knowledge of the putting stroke. The detail of the program is listed below.  Jude also adds a free putter fitting in to his program as a correctly fitted putter is essential to putting well.

On course putting assessment (4 holes)

2 Hours Coaching

Putter Fitting

Cost of Program = £199.00

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