How to embrace change

I’ve been coaching golfers of all ages and abilities for over twenty years now.   Over the years I have had people say to me “you are so patient”.  My answer is “yes”.   I believe this is true of every golf professional in the land, yes; we are patient, not because we coach golf but because we learnt to be patient through our own learning of the game.

I started golf at the age of 13.  I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the wonderful game of golf at Royal St. George’s Golf Club, where I had a weekend job caddying.   I remember how frustrating the game was back then for me when I first got hooked, but what I learnt very early was that I had to hit a lot of shots to make little improvements.

It wasn’t until I started my training to become a PGA Professional that I learnt that I had to hit many more bad shots than good ones before I made real progress on my swing.  I know this doesn’t sound like much fun, but let’s get positive about this process, let’s enjoy the challenge!  When I talk about this, I sometimes recall a picture I had on my wall that was a picture of a beautiful lake up a mountain, it had written on it “no matter how tough the journey, the end result is always worth it”.

In a nutshell, when making changes to improve your golf we should be patient and take it step by step, you will have knock backs, but if you keep at it, change will happen and things will improve.  The process should be continuous, when you look at the best players in the world they haven’t stopped the learning process, they understand that to maintain a satisfactory level of golf they still need advice.

If you are finding golf a little frustrating then please get in touch with me and we can plan what we can do to make golf more enjoyable for you.

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