Capto Putting Session




Gift voucher to use for golf coaching with Jude Read at Manston Golf Centre.

1x One Hour Capto Putting Session


Jude’s passion is to help people play better golf and  doesn’t believe in quick fixes so you can use this voucher towards starting the path towards better golf!


What is Capto ?

Capto is a hi-tech and lightweight sensor that uses cutting edge technology to provide accurate, detailed and reliable data on the putting stroke. It uses advanced software to display the data intuitively and in real time.

Because of the small size, easy setup and freedom in data capture you can use it anywhere on the green and play any distance or direction you want.

It works indoor as well as outdoor and there is no need for large or heavy external devices.

This  makes Capto the most portable and versatile putting sensor on the market with the largest amount of data parameters. 

It generates information that is impossible to pick up with the ‘naked eye’. It is simply a ‘must have’ for anyone who is serious about putting.


Vouchers are valid for six months from time of purchase(if a specific date is needed to be entered on the voucher then please email

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