So, what next?

New year, new you?

We are in that period at the start of the year when you are probably thinking about how this year might be better, it might be that you over indulged over Christmas and you are thinking about starting the year with a healthy outlook. If you have, I hope you succeed in achieving your goal, so you can benefit from all the positives on mind and body of being healthier.

The reason I mention this as becoming healthy is a lot like changing the swing, what I mean is that to maintain the benefits it needs to be a lifestyle change.  Just like losing weight there are no miracle solutions or quick fixes with improving the golf swing.  It needs to be maintained, habits need to be changed and it’s tough.  But when you achieve the change and the shots are better and more consistent all the hard work seems very worthwhile.

But just like losing weight, that’s not the end of it, you need to keep at it, maintain the diet and healthy lifestyle, and in golf the healthy lifestyle is regular lessons to maintain the new swing.  This is why the best players in the world who play at the highest level have regular lessons to maintain their form.  You won’t find many elite players, whether a county or international amateur or a tour professional that attempt to maintain their swing without help, so follow their lead and come and get help, I can help you.

So, what next?

Here is my 10-point plan to get you on track to make 2018 the year to better golf!

  1. Get a pen and paper and write down your goal for your golf, this can be a handicap target or a score target.
  2. Give yourself three set dates this year with three intermediate goals that help you along the way to the final goal.
  3. Pin this to your fridge on to the inside of your club locker, somewhere you will see it regularly.
  4. Get in touch with me get a game assessment
  5. Look at your equipment, worn grips will affect feel and distance control and ultimately the control of the club.
  6. Look at your budget and decide how much you can invest in your golf this year, I can produce a plan that can fit whatever investment you can afford.
  7. Book a putting assessment with me and then find time to practice your putting at home once a week.
  8. Start chipping in your garden, hit 20 chips as often as you can, doesn’t matter what distance.
  9. Start stretching, make this a daily routine morning or evening, your golf will benefit from this.
  10. Get to the course early, and hour if possible, stretch, hit some putts and then hit 20 balls in the net or on the range before every game.


Get in touch if you would like this year to be better.

Jude Read – PGA Professional

Manston Golf Centre

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