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Achieve your goal of playing amazing golf!

How does more consistent golf, longer shots and shooting 5 shots lower per round sound to you?




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Stop slicing your driver?
Hit the ball further?
Hole a 4 footer to win the game?
Play better competition golf?
Hit it close from 100 yards or less?
Beat your friends and feel proud of your golf?


If you did then you have the opportunity to my unique learning experience.  I use state of the art equipment, using the latest launch monitor technology and high speed video in a private coaching studio.   A short game area for pitching, chipping and putting is also available to improve your game and lower your scores .  During the assessment I am able to give you an insight of the faults that have been stopping you from playing your best golf and offer a bespoke player pathway program to guide along the journey to the golf of your dreams.

My Pathway Program will focus on 5 key processes (shown below) to help you achieve the level of golf you will feel proud of.  You’ve probably worked hard on your game up to this point and most likely had golf lessons in the past, but haven’t achieved the golf you want.  I am confident that you haven’t achieved the standard you desire because you haven’t followed a system like mine before; this is why you are still hitting balls on the driving range, putting in the effort and are still frustrated with still playing inconsistent golf.

Jude read golf process

Why should you book a FREE assessment with Jude?



I enjoy working with people like you, who are enthusiastic and have the desire to improve.

I don’t deliver quick fixes as they don’t last, just like weight loss, I want long lasting results.

I am confident that you will love my Pathway Program so much that you will want to continue after the assessment.

I am certain that you will see that if you invest in the program you will see the benefits and see your game improve.

I am confident that the quick improvement you will experience that you will feel the excitement and want to continue to improve.

I am offering you a pathway to better golf, after the assessment you will have a clear picture of what path you should take along with the understanding of that my program can to offer you and how you can bring the pride back to your game.

I’ve coached golf for over 20 years, I’m tired of seeing golfers under achieve and not get the results they deserve.  Golfers are bombarded with conflicting “advice” from online media, magazines, family and friends, does this sound like you?  Are you feeling frustrated with the lack of consistency and the clarity of what “fix” will work for you?  Are you wondering who you can trust?

I’ve built my career on the fact that my clients can trust me, I am confident my existing clients will tell you I am fully committed in helping them get the passion and sense of achievement back when playing golf.  I am sure that after your assessment you will see that investing in my Pathway Program it won’t be long before you feel the pride in your golf  again and get the bragging rights with your golfing buddies again!

Finally, I am offering you a no risk and no obligation experience, if you are not satisfied with the player assessment and the personal pathway recommendation then you are free to decide not to join the program.

You have read all I have had to say and in doing so you have demonstrated that you are who I am looking for!

You are seeking a brighter future on the golf course.

You want a better golf game.

You want to be asked to play in the club teams and you want to be asked to play in the work golf day.

You have the patience and determination to follow this pathway to better golf.

You want to enjoy your leisure time because it’s valuable and worth the effort.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my clients say!

So, it’s time for you to decide what you would like to do.

A)   Get on board and take advantage of this opportunity to finally start seeing the results you deserve.

B)   Stay as you are.  Continue to feel frustrated, continue to lack confidence with your game, hope that something will change, but know deep down….it won’t!

If you chose “A”, then you are ready to take action, please click below to apply for your free assessment

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