Now’s the time to start work on your game

Start Now The option of indoor golf lessons is now an attractive alternative to traditional, seasonal outdoor driving range instruction.  Compared to outdoor instruction, indoor lessons are a distinctly different learning experience, which offers advantages to golfers of all levels.  Indoor golf instruction provides privacy and discretion in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment.  Adverse weather conditions present no interruption to a regular lesson regimen.  Golfers who play and compete at the highest levels recommend maintaining a … Read more Now’s the time to start work on your game

Lower your scores, try this.

Lower your scores, try this. Be honest with yourself, how often do you practice your putting? I find myself asking this question to many of my clients here at the Kent Golf Academy. Unfortunately the answers I hear are nearly always the same. Most golfers spend little or no time actually practicing their putting. Having a few putts on the practice green before your game doesn’t count. So why don’t most golfers spend any time trying … Read more Lower your scores, try this.

How much is enough?

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I’ve been coaching now for a long time.  Something that I realised very early on is that changing the swing is difficult and takes time.  I have read about and listened to people speak about muscle memory, there are many theories on this, I am not expert on this by all means.  I can only tell you about what I have found works from what I have done and from my experience at a professional … Read more How much is enough?

How to embrace change

I’ve been coaching golfers of all ages and abilities for over twenty years now.   Over the years I have had people say to me “you are so patient”.  My answer is “yes”.   I believe this is true of every golf professional in the land, yes; we are patient, not because we coach golf but because we learnt to be patient through our own learning of the game. I started golf at the age of 13.  … Read more How to embrace change

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