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Joining a golf coaching program can be beneficial for several reasons if you find that your current approach to the game isn’t yielding the desired results. Here are some potential reasons why joining a golf coaching program could be advantageous: Professional Guidance: Golf coaches are trained professionals who can provide personalized feedback on your swing, […]

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Playing Golf for Fun

Playing golf for fun.   We have all watched football, many of you would have played competitively.  From my experience when you’re playing, you’re playing the game, there is not the same line between playing and practice.  Football is played at a faster pace with less time for decisions. Golf has so much time with

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What’s Your Plan?

What’s your plan? How has your summer been ?  It’s been great weather for golf, but not so for the golf courses.  I am sure you would have seen dry burnt fairways that give you many more yards should you hit the fairway from the tee, hopefully you haven’t had too many bad bounces taking

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I’ve coached hundreds of golfers during my career as a professional golf coach, I find out the motivation of every player during the player assessment when I screen for new players to join the program. For me motivation is key to the whole process of achieving their golfing goals. I took myself back to when

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